5 Tips for Empath Entrepreneurs

Being an empath in business is WILD. It takes energy management, the need for boundaries, and the need to trust in your power and brings it up a level.

Emily Grass
3 min readApr 29, 2021
Emily is a coach for service based empaths who want to find hell yes clients.

How could you possibly trust that what you have is valuable and stand out without following the hustle til you cry advice or having a huge following?

Without offering discounts?

Without being all the things to all of the people?

Let’s take a step back.

Why did you do the training, get the certification, and take the harder path of becoming an entrepreneur?

Because you really want to help people!


So let’s talk about what you need to have a successful business as an empath.

  1. Hell Yes Clients

If you’re just getting started, finding clients should be your number one priority. (and really, it’s always going to be high on the list.)

And if you don’t have any and have limited funds, you’re going to have to start talking about what you do in a way that resonates.


Decide who you want to work with.

Who is where you were a couple of years ago?

What are they going through?

What are some parts of the struggle that an outsider would never know about?

Talk to them about that.

Talk to anyone you know that fits this ideal client and see what they are finding challenging currently.

2. Content that Connects

Don’t make it generic.

The more specific, the more people can really see themselves in your marketing, and the more you get to filter out people that are a bad fit, would make you dread showing up, and the more fulfilled you will feel getting them results.

Talk to what they are going through, how you are different, and just a little bit about how you can get them their desired result.

3. A System

As empaths, we are especially prone to overwhelm, exhaustion, and feeling like we are pulled in every direction.

A system will make you feel confident about what you do AND it will help your clients feel safe because you can share with them how everything works.

It won’t feel like you’re starting from scratch everyday, and better yet, you will know what to do on days that you need to rest, to keep everything afloat.

4. Connection to Your Why

With so much going on and so many hats to juggle, it’s easy for an empath in biz to lose sight of what the heck we are trying to do anyway.

Why is this work important to you?

What are you trying to build?

What is your ideal client result?

How do you know when you don’t vibe with someone and politely move on from them as a lead?

These are important questions to keep talk of mind.

Your intuition is your greatest asset, don’t ignore it but discern when it’s really intuition and when it’s just fear.

5. Commitment

Like riding a bike, learning to protect our energy, or building killer biceps, running a successful business takes practice.

Most entrepreneurs don’t hit $10k their first month and ALL digital marketers have posts, campaigns, leads, and launches that flop.

That’s okay. Love yourself for trying and stay committed to what you’re trying to do, help people.

Just like anything else, you are going to hit some challenges along the way, it doesn’t mean you’re bad, unworthy, or not cut out for this.

It may mean that you just need to learn a little bit more, tweak your message, and find some help that supports you and your sensitivities.

Keep going, I promise, the world needs you.

What’s Next?

Are you a service based empath looking to find hell yes clients online, without ads, and without burning out.

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